Exploring Australia

22 Mar

Since I’ve traveled half way across the world for school, I have decided that I want to see and explore as many places in Australia and the surrounding areas before I head back to North America. So far, I have seen the north island of New Zealand, Sydney and of course Melbourne. Over the past weekend I traveled to Tasmania with four other exchange students from all over the world too – we were quite the multicultural bunch.

We flew out early Thursday morning from Melbourne, and arrived in Hobart. We then picked up our rental car, and hit the road. The plan was to see as much of Tassie as possible in the time that we had, and we started on the west coast. We quickly realized that although the kilometer distance wasn’t that much between our stops, the time it took to get there would be a lot longer than anticipated due to the roads. The roads in Tassie are curvy, steep and potentially dangerous. The state does do a good job of warning signs though!

The plan was to camp close to Cradle Mountain so that we could be up early and hit the road ready for the day-long hike; and that is exactly what we did. We were up at the crack of dawn on Friday, got our backpacks packed and hit the road to Cradle Mountain. The hike was long and tiring but so worth it. I would absolutely do it again in a heartbeat as the views the entire time were stunning. Not even my Nikon D3000 could potentially capture the beauty.

On Saturday we drove to Launceston and looked at the Gorge there, and looked around the city, then headed down to Coles Bay where we camped in a National Park right on the beach! We made some dinner and watched the sunset, and had a plan to wake up early the next morning to even catch the sunrise on the beach. This was gorgeous! Absolutely! Take a look!

After this we were under a slight time crunch as we wanted to go to Coles Bay and hike the trail down to Wineglass Bay and also make our way down to the former convict town of Port Arthur. We were on marathon pace for the last couple hours but we did see everywhere we wanted to and even landed up at the airport with time to spare!

As you can see from these pictures, Australia has so much to offer! Even on a little island like Tasmania. So if you are in Australia currently, are planning a trip here or are coming to study/intern here I would highly recommend Tasmania. It’s a short flight and you won’t regret it!


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3 responses to “Exploring Australia

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  2. Zilma Rangel

    March 22, 2011 at 10:42 PM

    Beautiful! Must do it someday.

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