Uni in Australia!

03 Apr

Since I am on exchange here in Melbourne, I decided to make a post relating to the courses I am currently studying at the moment so that you can understand what I’m doing on an every-day basis.

Because this is an exchange, the courses I take at Melbourne Uni relate somewhat to my degree back home and they actually count for something! So since the full “subject”-load is 4 subjects at Melbourne Uni, that is precisely what I am doing.

These are the 4 chosen ones:

Understanding Global Landforms – aka EOSC equivalent
The Goods:
For those that know me, you’ll know that I love EOSC and of course after the first week I realized how much I really do love it. Studying Eosc in this country is so exciting because the landforms of this country vary SO much from coast to coast, with everything including deserts in between. I love that my prof uses local examples when lecturing, even if I have no idea where half the places are. Also I like how this class has a lot of locals, and that it is a very small class (only about 30 people). We also have a field trip this upcoming Saturday!!! I’ll keep you informed!
The Meh’s:
It has a 3 hr lab each week, and by being in business I can say that I have never taken a class that has a lab, so this should be interesting!

Australia Now aka learn about Australia!
The Goods:
This class seems decent, as it pretty much just explains what Australia is and how it came to be. Just looking at my syllabus, a couple of the topics for this class are “Marvellous Melbourne” and “Australian Sport”. Yep, let’s hope it really is that easy! So far we’ve learnt a lot about Australian politics, so if you have any questions about that I can try and help!
The Meh’s:
2 papers that pretty much make up my entire mark. I do not do english/papers. This should be interesting!!

Business Finance aka the required course 😦
The Goods:
Wow, not looking forward to this class at all! I honestly can’t think of anything good to say about taking this course other than the fact that I don’t have to take it when I’m back! 🙂
The Meh’s:
It’s finance. I think that about sums it up!

Auditing and Assurance Services – aka look out CA’s
The Goods:
Considering that this is a final year course, I will be happy to be able to keep up. I managed to keep up for the first lecture, so that’s gotta be good for something right? Also, similar to Sauder, there are people that have already worked for one of the big 4 firms, and that’s slightly intimidating. Also, there is only one group project!! NOTHING compared to UBC!
The Meh’s:
The final is worth 70%. ADLKJFIGN!

Out of all of these courses I have a pretty easy weekly schedule that consists of:
7.5 hrs of lecture
3 hrs of tutes
3 hrs of lab ..

Because of the heavy weightings of finals at Melb Uni, there are few to no assignments to do during the semester – which is completely opposite to what I’m used to at UBC. Although mid-semester test time is upcoming, and I will have to start studying a lot more!

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