Melbourne – the cultural city

16 Apr

After a busy but exciting week filled with school, midterms and friends I was able to attend a Stand-Up comedy show last night. This show is part of a bigger festival – The Melbourne Comedy Festival that is on for the month of April. This festival includes many comedians from around the world, mixed in with the Aussie comedians. There are various shows in different venues throughout the city, and the one I attended yesterday was Eddie Ifft. Eddie is an American comedian that has toured Australia a lot in the past couple years, due to this he was able to relate to the Australian culture, and therefore cater his jokes to each city and country he performs in. Specifically, in Melbourne he joked at how “cultural” this city is – which is what it’s known for.

It has a cafe every 10 steps (which is SO true); the buildings are very unique in design (very old, Victorian designs) and the people are easy to understand (not too strong of an Aussie accent). Just as much as Sydney prides itself on it’s “beautiful world renowned beaches”, Melbourne prides itself on the sport, and cultural capital of Australia.

Here are a couple pictures of the city of Melbourne – A cool alleyway, the cathedral at Federation Square, and Eddie Ifft and myself.

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One response to “Melbourne – the cultural city

  1. Zilma Rangel

    April 18, 2011 at 2:14 PM

    Beautiful city! Good choice of photographs.


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