Australia – A Commonwealth Nation

29 Apr

This post is in response to the high publicity of the Royal Wedding which is to occur later on today. As one of the 54 independent states part of the Commonwealth of Nations, Australia is obviously very interested with this Royal Wedding (and I hear the excitement is just as much in Canada). Since this is obviously the wedding of the century as Prince William could potentially be the next King, the whole world is watching! (No pressure or anything eh?!) After being engrossed in Royal Wedding media coverage pretty much all day, I’ve decided to do a little blog post on the Commonwealth Nations and why we care so much!

As mentioned above, the Commonwealth of Nations includes 54 independent nations from various backgrounds, that are equal in status and work together towards a set of similar goals. The most unifying aspect of the Commonwealth of Nations would be the inclusion of Queen Elizabeth II that is seen and known as the Head of the Commonwealth. As there is only one Queen, the rest of the 53 nations have acting “heads of state” that symbolize this role, usually known as “Governor Generals.”

Another aspect of the Commonwealth includes the prestigious Commonwealth Games held roughly every 4 years. Although there are 54 countries in the Commonwealth of Nations, there are 71 nations that take part in the Commonwealth Games. Australia, with it’s heavily funded athletics, usually walk away with the most medals (very similar to the Olympics).

Back to the wedding, the real reason why everyone is watching is because we are watching the grandson of the “Head of our Commonwealth” marry his “commoner” fiancee. Right, did you follow that? More commonly known as “the wedding of the century”, “the highly anticipated wedding”, “the wedding of our future King”. After watching an hour of media coverage this morning, I probably heard these phrases about 20 times, but there is something about it that arouses interest. The talk about the “long wait” for Will and Kate to finally say their vows, or even for them to kiss seems SO lengthy but somehow two billion viewers will be tuning in and watching – and yes, I will be one of them. Let’s hope no one trips, because that’s a lot of viewers to trip in front of! Congrats Will and Kate!

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