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12 May

Since I’m getting to my last little bit of my exchange, I’ve hit the point where I’m getting mixed feelings about coming home (because I don’t want to leave this beautiful country and friends here), but also wanting to come home to see my family and friends there… There have been things of course, that I’ve missed while I’ve been here, and I’m writing the first part of this post on the appliances/electronics I’ve been missing (and will never take for granted again) for the past >3 months.

5 Appliances/Electronics I Miss Having:

1. OVEN – OHMAN, I’ve never missed something more! As many of you know I don’t like cooking, so this means I can’t just buy frozen pizza’s or chips or even one of those pre-packaged instant lasagne’s. More so than just the cooking bit, I can’t bake. You always want something when you don’t have it, so you can only imagine the amount of times I’ve wanted to bake cookies, or a cake or ANYTHING that involves an oven.

2. DRYER – I’ve always used my dryer, and never really thought about it. In Van, we barely get enough legit sunny warm days to dry your clothes outside, so I’m not used to that at all. I mean yes, I have a dryer in my apartment building, but why pay $3 for it when I can just dry my clothes outside. What I ALWAYS forget to factor in, is that it will probably take more than a day for my clothes to actually dry. This poses a risk, since I usually end up doing laundry when I’m almost out of clothes in the first place…

3. PHONE – I do have a phone here, so this is more about the fact that I miss having a phone with more capabilities than calling/texting and a useless flashlight. There are always so many things I want to take pictures of randomly as I’m walking down the street, and I can’t because my phone doesn’t have a cam. NOTHING! P.S that flashlight is probably the most useless thing ever.

4. TOASTER OVEN – This kind of works in conjunction with number 1 – the oven. I mean even if I had a toaster oven I could at least have the option tobuy frozen pizzas.

5. A legit STOVE – None of this hotplate business I have currently. Takesforever to heat up and forever to cool down. (Who even invented this thing?)

(Honorable mention- my printer at home as I have the worst luck with printers in general!)

Lately I’ve been thinking about things that I really don’t like, so the second part of this blog post will be just that.

5 Things I Don’t Like:

1. FEET – ugh, they gross me out. It’s not so bad where I can’t look at feet, just don’t stick your feet near me please. Can’t understand people who have foot fetishes.

2. Jellyfish – I think the whole thing about them being jelly creep me out. They just float by on the water, and I especially hate the jelly feeling of their “sacs” on Centennial Beach (which is why I never EVER go in the water there). Disgusting.

3. Starfish – The fact that they have like suctions on the underside of their body are disgusting. They can latch themselves to anything. Ew. AND also the fact that if you cut off one of their arms they’ll grow another one AND the arm will grow another starfish is repulsive.

4. Fish – Really don’t like the smell of fish at all and am not a big fan of the taste either. Once I got stuck in the fish portion of the Queen Vic Markets during closing time and almost died. I’ll eat it once in a while, but I would probably never crave fish.

5. Will Farrell – Really really not a fan of his humour. It’s the stupid funny type. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m ok with some (very few) of his movies, but I’m not a fan of him. He’s just so tall and gangly and not funny haha. Although I have heard I should watch Step Brothers…

(As you can see, I don’t not like anything NORMAL like snakes or spiders or anything, those things I’m okay with, it’s wierd stuff like feet and fish that I’m not ok with…)

The last part of this blog post will be in light of me leaving Australia relatively soon, and about Canadian stereotypes.

5 Canadian Stereotypes That I’ll Admit To Fitting:

1. I love my hockey – yes you can’t really get more Canadian than that.

2. French toast or Pancakes without maple syrup should not be allowed.

3. I say eh. More as an agreement term than one just thrown in a random sentence. Ex: “The dinner last night was good eh?”

4. I say Pehsta and Tomehto – not PAHSTA and TOMAHTO. (I also call it Ketchup not Tomahto Sauce 🙂 )

5. I am very polite – like many other Canadians – we say sorry a lot… That’s why you just can’t hate us, we’re too nice! 🙂

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