Australian Currency…

15 May

I’ve been in Australia for almost 4 months now, and during that time I’ve gotten used to many things about this country, but there is one thing that will take longer than 4 months to get used to – the weight of the coins!

Getting used to the actual Australian currency is very easy, as it’s almost the same as Canadian, with some differences in the coins, but the notes are the same. I absolutely love the notes here. They are different colours for each denomination ($5 – Pink; $10 – Blue; $20 – Red; $50 – Yellow; $100 – Green) I was able to do that all without looking at the internet or any of my notes, I’m impressed in myself! Not only are each of the notes different colours, but the smallest denomination is the shortest note, with each one getting gradually longer!

These notes are further amazing because they are waterproof, tear-proof and pretty much everything proof. They constantly look new because of this amazing feature (Cdn bills need to adopt this!) I have seen some shady $5 bills out there tho, where they are cut up – guess that’s the only way you can destroy Australian currency, if you use a pair of scissors!

The only issue I have is the coins… The denominations of the coins are $2, $1, $.50, $.20, $.10, $.05. The first day here I asked someone for a Loonie/Toonie and they looked at me like I was crazy. (All you Cdn’s out there know I’m talking about the $1 and $2 coins!) The issue I have is how large and heavy these coins are, especially the $.50, which could be easily mistaken for a medallion. These are SO chunky and heavy to lug around everywhere weighing your wallet down! Another small issue I have is how tiny the $2 coin is! What I have yet to figure out is why it is smaller than the $1 coin?

Well, even if the coins are heavy as ever, I still love the currency here because of how colourful and pretty it is. I’m pretty sure this is one on purpose by the government so that you are encouraged to use the bills and spend money! Next time you are planning on taking a trip to Aus, just bring a sturdy change purse!

Australian Coins: L-R $1, 2; then $.05, .10, .20, .50. Then the Australian coins in comparison with my Ipod for size.

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