Australian Television – Cooking or Losing Weight…

21 May

Hello All,

Sorry it’s been a bit of a while since I’ve written, just classes at uni winding down which means papers and studying being turned up. Of course when you mention studying or writing papers there is one thing that goes along with those two perfectly… Procrastination.

I’ve recently found myself watching a lot more television than normal and have found that on tv, there are pretty much two things that are shown all the time. Take your pick, either watch one of many cooking shows OR one of a few (but played a lot) weight loss shows.

The amount of cooking shows on television is unfathomable! I know that Aussies love their cooking – or especially their sausage roasts, but are all these shows really needed? No matter when you turn on the tele, there is always a cooking show on. I only get 4 channels so that’s saying something! Out of the top of my head some of the shows are:
1. Masterchef (ordinary people in a cooking challenge);
2. Ready Steady Cook (usually on midday, and a celebrity gets paired up with a chef and have a cookoff);
3. Cooking Around the World (this french guy that travels around the world and invites himself to peoples home to cook/learn to cook from them);
4. Iron Chef (not sure as I’ve never watched it);
5. Conviction Kitchen (people that have been convicted for small crimes do their time by operating a restaurant)
6. Food Lovers Guide to Australia (pretty self explanatory)
7. Masterchef AGAIN – this show is seriously on about 4 times a week…

If cooking shows aren’t your thing (like me) but you still want to watch some tv, you have one other choice: watch people lose weight… There aren’t as many weight loss shows on tv, but the ones that are on are on at least four times a week!
1. Biggest Loser Australia  (this season was a families season and it was filled with ups and downs and yes I did watch a lot of it, but I limited myself to twice a week at the most) This was on 4 or sometimes even 5 times a week with the elimination days!!!

Okay so there’s only one weight loss show, but seriously it seems like it’s on all the time! There are a lot of new Aussie sitcoms that have just started and they are actually very good. I’ve recently caught up on a sitcom similar to Greys Anatomy but the Australian version that is based here in Melbourne called Offspring. If you get a chance, you should check it out!

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