Welcome Home, now adjust to your life.

02 Jul

After almost six months of being in Australia I finally returned to beautiful Vancouver this morning. I know I’ve been very MIA in my blogging for the past couple weeks with exams and packing and last bit travels but now that I’m home I have time to actually write out some good blogs. First off let’s start with my arriving into Vancouver and my first day back and how I have to get used to everything back home again after being away for so long.

It all started as soon as I got off the plane and was about to get on the escalators to get to Canada Customs at the airport. I stood on the left hand side of the escalators (like they do in Aus) whereas here you are meant to stand on the right. It was okay though as the entire flight stood on the left so it worked out.

After going through Customs and collecting my luggage and whatnot, I met up with my dad and brother and went to the car. After putting everything into the car I walked to the right hand side of the car (where the passengers seat is in Aus, but the drivers seat is in Van) and my dad says to me “Oh, you want to drive?” Woops, wrong side!

I came home and turned the light switch on in my room and realized that the switches are backwards here than they are there. You press them down to turn them on in Aus, and you flick them up to turn them on here.

I then took out my laptop with my adapter that I’ve been using for the past 6 mths and proceeded to attempt to fit the Australian adapter into the Canadian socket for the next 5 minutes before realizing what I was trying to do.

I then went for a shower and forgot how to work my shower! I think this one and the adapter one should be attributed to fatigue rather than lack of braincells!

And finally, I am SO glad to have a phone that does more than just phone and text. I can actually take photos now!!

Getting used to everything back home will take a bit of time I reckon but I’ll get there. Speaking of getting used to everything… I should probably sleep if I have any hope of getting back to a proper sleeping schedule as its almost midnight!

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One response to “Welcome Home, now adjust to your life.

  1. Zilma Rangel

    July 2, 2011 at 10:09 PM

    Back in Beautiful Vancouver, the family must be delighted to have you back.


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