Breaking it down statistically …

13 Jul

… because it’s better that way (And because I’m an Accountant and numbers are my friend!)

So during my 6 months in Australia, as I’ve mentioned before I did a lot of traveling. This involved a lot of cars, trains, planes and busses. Because domestic travel in Australia is very cheap I most definately took advantage of this and maybe went a little too plane-happy. Overall I did 3 weekend trips, 1 trip before Melbourne, 1 trip during the mid semester break, and 1 trip between the end of classes and start of exams. All of these trips amounted to 16 PLANES that I went on. 16! In 6 months. (And I only almost missed ONE of them… which is pretty good odds).

These trips included:
Auckland, New Zealand
Gold Coast, Australia
Tasmania, Australia
Sydney, Australia
Perth, Australia

Total flight time on planes: 55 hours (including the YVR-SYD flights)

The following are stats for all the domestic flights I traveled on as including the flight to and back from Australia skews the data:

Total time spend at domestic airports: 21 hours (~1.5hrs X 14 domestic flights)
Number of transfers bought for the Skybus: 11
Amount of money spend on transfers for the Skybus: $147.00 ($26 per return ticket)
Number of times I didn’t realize there were two airports in Melbourne and flew out of the shady one: 1
Number of times I flew Tiger Airways: 4
Number of times Tiger Airways was delayed: 4
Number of times I got “randomly searched” at security: 3
Number of flights I traveled with checked in luggage: 2 (Only to Perth!)
Number of 21st birthdays I attended: 4 (Dave/Meg/Tim/Maleko)

Number of days/nights spent in …
… Auckland: 10days/10nights
… Hobart/Tasmania: 4days/3nights
… Gold Coast: 3days/2nights
… Perth: 10days/9nights
… Sydney: 25days/23nights (in total including my time before and after Melbourne)

Wow thanks Alex/Lee/Jesse/Meg/Brendan for putting up with me for those 25 days/23 nights! I’m pretty much an honorary dweller now! And with all of the times I arrived into Sydney airport, whether internationally or domestically I never once had to take public transit to Dee Why and I have Brendan and Dave to thank so so so  much for that. 🙂 I owe you guys heaps!

Looking at the dates I traveled, I seemed to be on a plane on the 27th of three out of six months – Jan 27th (SYD-AKL); Mar 27th (OOL-MEL) and May 27th (MEL-PER). I didn’t plan this, but apparently the 27th was a good day for traveling!

With all this time on planes, I’m pretty much a pro at traveling now (as if I wasn’t before) but after the longest flight in the entire world of 15 hours from Syd-Yvr I think I’m good for not traveling for a little bit!

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