Aussie Commercials

Alright so I’ve blogged about Aussie tele, so now it’s time for me to talk about the commercials. To say the least, the ones here are very different to the ones we get back home… they are more “out there” Take that however you interpret, but I have found that the people reading the commercials out to you speak in such a way that engrains what they are promoting in your brain. From the little bit of marketing that I’ve done in my life, I’d say that this is very good, because now when I see a shop on the street I think of the jingle or the slogan that goes with it.

Here are some examples – and if your Aussie, you’ll definately recognize some if not all of them!

Harvey Norman – I don’t even know what they sell (I think furniture?) but the jingle is a very high pitched chick saying/singing “Go Harvey Norman GOOOOO”
KFC – After they say their bit about what they are promoting, they start say “sooooo” and then make the 3rd ‘o’ a ‘g’ and the last ‘o’ a ‘d’ to make it “so good” (Except in an Aussie accent it sounds like “sooy guud”
Maccas – McDonalds they’ve started this new branding here that is “not fancy, just a little bit Schmancy”
Hungry Jacks – Aus’ equivalent of the place in North America with the Whopper (can’t remember the name at the moment) – “The burgers are better at Hungry Jacks”
Bunnings – There is no specific jingle to this one, but the person that explains prices is one of those that literally yells IN YOUR FACE! He’s like “5 DAYS ONLY, $399 YOU CAN’T BEAT THAT.

These are all I can think of out of the top of my head, but I will be sure to edit this post when I gather a few more after watching some tv!

In the meantime, here is a link to another blog post that sums up the top 10 greatest Aussie commercials… Some are hilarious! (Airplane Jelly – shoutout to Brendan :)) Although some don’t work they are still funny!

Good luck to everyone doing exams!! 🙂

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Australian Television – Cooking or Losing Weight…

Hello All,

Sorry it’s been a bit of a while since I’ve written, just classes at uni winding down which means papers and studying being turned up. Of course when you mention studying or writing papers there is one thing that goes along with those two perfectly… Procrastination.

I’ve recently found myself watching a lot more television than normal and have found that on tv, there are pretty much two things that are shown all the time. Take your pick, either watch one of many cooking shows OR one of a few (but played a lot) weight loss shows.

The amount of cooking shows on television is unfathomable! I know that Aussies love their cooking – or especially their sausage roasts, but are all these shows really needed? No matter when you turn on the tele, there is always a cooking show on. I only get 4 channels so that’s saying something! Out of the top of my head some of the shows are:
1. Masterchef (ordinary people in a cooking challenge);
2. Ready Steady Cook (usually on midday, and a celebrity gets paired up with a chef and have a cookoff);
3. Cooking Around the World (this french guy that travels around the world and invites himself to peoples home to cook/learn to cook from them);
4. Iron Chef (not sure as I’ve never watched it);
5. Conviction Kitchen (people that have been convicted for small crimes do their time by operating a restaurant)
6. Food Lovers Guide to Australia (pretty self explanatory)
7. Masterchef AGAIN – this show is seriously on about 4 times a week…

If cooking shows aren’t your thing (like me) but you still want to watch some tv, you have one other choice: watch people lose weight… There aren’t as many weight loss shows on tv, but the ones that are on are on at least four times a week!
1. Biggest Loser Australia  (this season was a families season and it was filled with ups and downs and yes I did watch a lot of it, but I limited myself to twice a week at the most) This was on 4 or sometimes even 5 times a week with the elimination days!!!

Okay so there’s only one weight loss show, but seriously it seems like it’s on all the time! There are a lot of new Aussie sitcoms that have just started and they are actually very good. I’ve recently caught up on a sitcom similar to Greys Anatomy but the Australian version that is based here in Melbourne called Offspring. If you get a chance, you should check it out!

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Australian Currency…

I’ve been in Australia for almost 4 months now, and during that time I’ve gotten used to many things about this country, but there is one thing that will take longer than 4 months to get used to – the weight of the coins!

Getting used to the actual Australian currency is very easy, as it’s almost the same as Canadian, with some differences in the coins, but the notes are the same. I absolutely love the notes here. They are different colours for each denomination ($5 – Pink; $10 – Blue; $20 – Red; $50 – Yellow; $100 – Green) I was able to do that all without looking at the internet or any of my notes, I’m impressed in myself! Not only are each of the notes different colours, but the smallest denomination is the shortest note, with each one getting gradually longer!

These notes are further amazing because they are waterproof, tear-proof and pretty much everything proof. They constantly look new because of this amazing feature (Cdn bills need to adopt this!) I have seen some shady $5 bills out there tho, where they are cut up – guess that’s the only way you can destroy Australian currency, if you use a pair of scissors!

The only issue I have is the coins… The denominations of the coins are $2, $1, $.50, $.20, $.10, $.05. The first day here I asked someone for a Loonie/Toonie and they looked at me like I was crazy. (All you Cdn’s out there know I’m talking about the $1 and $2 coins!) The issue I have is how large and heavy these coins are, especially the $.50, which could be easily mistaken for a medallion. These are SO chunky and heavy to lug around everywhere weighing your wallet down! Another small issue I have is how tiny the $2 coin is! What I have yet to figure out is why it is smaller than the $1 coin?

Well, even if the coins are heavy as ever, I still love the currency here because of how colourful and pretty it is. I’m pretty sure this is one on purpose by the government so that you are encouraged to use the bills and spend money! Next time you are planning on taking a trip to Aus, just bring a sturdy change purse!

Australian Coins: L-R $1, 2; then $.05, .10, .20, .50. Then the Australian coins in comparison with my Ipod for size.

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5 5 5

Since I’m getting to my last little bit of my exchange, I’ve hit the point where I’m getting mixed feelings about coming home (because I don’t want to leave this beautiful country and friends here), but also wanting to come home to see my family and friends there… There have been things of course, that I’ve missed while I’ve been here, and I’m writing the first part of this post on the appliances/electronics I’ve been missing (and will never take for granted again) for the past >3 months.

5 Appliances/Electronics I Miss Having:

1. OVEN – OHMAN, I’ve never missed something more! As many of you know I don’t like cooking, so this means I can’t just buy frozen pizza’s or chips or even one of those pre-packaged instant lasagne’s. More so than just the cooking bit, I can’t bake. You always want something when you don’t have it, so you can only imagine the amount of times I’ve wanted to bake cookies, or a cake or ANYTHING that involves an oven.

2. DRYER – I’ve always used my dryer, and never really thought about it. In Van, we barely get enough legit sunny warm days to dry your clothes outside, so I’m not used to that at all. I mean yes, I have a dryer in my apartment building, but why pay $3 for it when I can just dry my clothes outside. What I ALWAYS forget to factor in, is that it will probably take more than a day for my clothes to actually dry. This poses a risk, since I usually end up doing laundry when I’m almost out of clothes in the first place…

3. PHONE – I do have a phone here, so this is more about the fact that I miss having a phone with more capabilities than calling/texting and a useless flashlight. There are always so many things I want to take pictures of randomly as I’m walking down the street, and I can’t because my phone doesn’t have a cam. NOTHING! P.S that flashlight is probably the most useless thing ever.

4. TOASTER OVEN – This kind of works in conjunction with number 1 – the oven. I mean even if I had a toaster oven I could at least have the option tobuy frozen pizzas.

5. A legit STOVE – None of this hotplate business I have currently. Takesforever to heat up and forever to cool down. (Who even invented this thing?)

(Honorable mention- my printer at home as I have the worst luck with printers in general!)

Lately I’ve been thinking about things that I really don’t like, so the second part of this blog post will be just that.

5 Things I Don’t Like:

1. FEET – ugh, they gross me out. It’s not so bad where I can’t look at feet, just don’t stick your feet near me please. Can’t understand people who have foot fetishes.

2. Jellyfish – I think the whole thing about them being jelly creep me out. They just float by on the water, and I especially hate the jelly feeling of their “sacs” on Centennial Beach (which is why I never EVER go in the water there). Disgusting.

3. Starfish – The fact that they have like suctions on the underside of their body are disgusting. They can latch themselves to anything. Ew. AND also the fact that if you cut off one of their arms they’ll grow another one AND the arm will grow another starfish is repulsive.

4. Fish – Really don’t like the smell of fish at all and am not a big fan of the taste either. Once I got stuck in the fish portion of the Queen Vic Markets during closing time and almost died. I’ll eat it once in a while, but I would probably never crave fish.

5. Will Farrell – Really really not a fan of his humour. It’s the stupid funny type. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m ok with some (very few) of his movies, but I’m not a fan of him. He’s just so tall and gangly and not funny haha. Although I have heard I should watch Step Brothers…

(As you can see, I don’t not like anything NORMAL like snakes or spiders or anything, those things I’m okay with, it’s wierd stuff like feet and fish that I’m not ok with…)

The last part of this blog post will be in light of me leaving Australia relatively soon, and about Canadian stereotypes.

5 Canadian Stereotypes That I’ll Admit To Fitting:

1. I love my hockey – yes you can’t really get more Canadian than that.

2. French toast or Pancakes without maple syrup should not be allowed.

3. I say eh. More as an agreement term than one just thrown in a random sentence. Ex: “The dinner last night was good eh?”

4. I say Pehsta and Tomehto – not PAHSTA and TOMAHTO. (I also call it Ketchup not Tomahto Sauce 🙂 )

5. I am very polite – like many other Canadians – we say sorry a lot… That’s why you just can’t hate us, we’re too nice! 🙂

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Australia – A Commonwealth Nation

This post is in response to the high publicity of the Royal Wedding which is to occur later on today. As one of the 54 independent states part of the Commonwealth of Nations, Australia is obviously very interested with this Royal Wedding (and I hear the excitement is just as much in Canada). Since this is obviously the wedding of the century as Prince William could potentially be the next King, the whole world is watching! (No pressure or anything eh?!) After being engrossed in Royal Wedding media coverage pretty much all day, I’ve decided to do a little blog post on the Commonwealth Nations and why we care so much!

As mentioned above, the Commonwealth of Nations includes 54 independent nations from various backgrounds, that are equal in status and work together towards a set of similar goals. The most unifying aspect of the Commonwealth of Nations would be the inclusion of Queen Elizabeth II that is seen and known as the Head of the Commonwealth. As there is only one Queen, the rest of the 53 nations have acting “heads of state” that symbolize this role, usually known as “Governor Generals.”

Another aspect of the Commonwealth includes the prestigious Commonwealth Games held roughly every 4 years. Although there are 54 countries in the Commonwealth of Nations, there are 71 nations that take part in the Commonwealth Games. Australia, with it’s heavily funded athletics, usually walk away with the most medals (very similar to the Olympics).

Back to the wedding, the real reason why everyone is watching is because we are watching the grandson of the “Head of our Commonwealth” marry his “commoner” fiancee. Right, did you follow that? More commonly known as “the wedding of the century”, “the highly anticipated wedding”, “the wedding of our future King”. After watching an hour of media coverage this morning, I probably heard these phrases about 20 times, but there is something about it that arouses interest. The talk about the “long wait” for Will and Kate to finally say their vows, or even for them to kiss seems SO lengthy but somehow two billion viewers will be tuning in and watching – and yes, I will be one of them. Let’s hope no one trips, because that’s a lot of viewers to trip in front of! Congrats Will and Kate!

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Modes of Transportation in Melbourne

Melbourne – the second most livable city in the world (behind Vancouver of course!) has SO many popular modes of transportation that are used everyday. I’ve decided to compile a list.


First of all, Melbourne is known for it’s trams. Trams were used in many “colonies” within Australia when this country was first settled and populated, but then many cities decided to abandon them because they weren’t feasible. People laughed at Melbourne when they decided to keep them, but now with the price of gas increasing exponentially, some cities are looking to adopt trams once again.
The Goods:
Let me tell you one thing about the trams though, they are slow as ANYTHING; especially when you are going through the city and each block they have to stop to pick/drop people off. When you take them during the day or late at night tho, and you get all the lights, they FLOOR it! The trams here remind me of the B-Line in Van, you just kinda hop on and hop off with the 3-door boarding system!
The Not-So-Good:
Like I mentioned earlier – slow. I can walk faster than them for the most part, which is why I’ve resorted to walking almost everywhere.


Right so obviously it’s a big city, so it has buses everywhere. I have not, however, taken a public transit bus to anywhere else in the city, but judging from their outward appearance, they seem pretty nice. All the buses I’ve seen have a sign that says “air conditioning, leg room” etc so I wouldn’t see why they wouldn’t be good?


Flinders Street train station was one of the biggest buildings built in Melbourne when it was first established as a city. It is very ornate, and very big, and is in the center of town. I believe it has more than 12 platforms that are in use currently, and services pretty much every line that runs in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs.
The Goods:
It’s very central, relatively easy to use, and there are always people around to ask where to go if you get lost (yes, it’s THAT big).
The Not-So-Good:
It’s BIG, which means it’s HELLA crowded especially during peak times like mornings or evenings. You don’t want to get caught up in that!


If you’ve ever been to Melbourne you will notice that throughout the city there are these blue bike stands everywhere with bikes that you can pay for and use for the day. In Melbourne, there is a law that you have to wear a helmet when you ride a bike and it is actually enforced, unlike Vancouver. If I remember correctly, you also have to have a light on your bike for when it gets dark. In order for you to comply with their laws, there are also helmet stands beside the bike stands that you can get a helmet for the day. The roads are equipped with very good bike lanes because there are high volumes of bicyclists that use this as their preferred method of commuting everyday.


Like I’ve mentioned before, the actual CBD of Melbourne isn’t very large, so it is quite easy to walk through it. The suburbs however are spread out in every direction from the CBD.
The Goods:
Exercise! Especially when the weather is nice outside, there are so many things that you can see just by walking around that you wouldn’t be able to see by taking the bus, train or tram. Especially the laneways!
The Not-So-Good:
Rain. As the footpaths are made up of this wierd tile, they get super super slippery when it rains, and my thongs are NOT used to that, so I slip like there is no tomorrow.


Self explanatory, but since I live in the city, I would NEVER drive, unless I had to leave and commute on a daily basis to the suburbs. Owning a car in the city means you have to pay for parking, AND share the road with:trams, bikes, other cars, pedestrians. I say that’s one too many things for me. Also don’t forget about the hook turns that you have to do because of the trams. This is a special turn in which you have to make a right turn from the FAR left lane. Confusing, yes. 

All this mentioned this is how I get to the airport when I need to:

1. Walk to the tram stop.
2. Take the tram to the train station.
3. Take the train to the main train station.
4. Catch a bus from the main train station to the airport.
5. Take the plane to my destination.

I pretty much take every form of transportation possible! Walk, tram, train, bus, plane. Because the trams take so damn long, I usually walk to the train station myself!

There are also random horse carriages around the city, that I’m sure you could use if you really wanted to, to get around!

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Melbourne – the cultural city

After a busy but exciting week filled with school, midterms and friends I was able to attend a Stand-Up comedy show last night. This show is part of a bigger festival – The Melbourne Comedy Festival that is on for the month of April. This festival includes many comedians from around the world, mixed in with the Aussie comedians. There are various shows in different venues throughout the city, and the one I attended yesterday was Eddie Ifft. Eddie is an American comedian that has toured Australia a lot in the past couple years, due to this he was able to relate to the Australian culture, and therefore cater his jokes to each city and country he performs in. Specifically, in Melbourne he joked at how “cultural” this city is – which is what it’s known for.

It has a cafe every 10 steps (which is SO true); the buildings are very unique in design (very old, Victorian designs) and the people are easy to understand (not too strong of an Aussie accent). Just as much as Sydney prides itself on it’s “beautiful world renowned beaches”, Melbourne prides itself on the sport, and cultural capital of Australia.

Here are a couple pictures of the city of Melbourne – A cool alleyway, the cathedral at Federation Square, and Eddie Ifft and myself.

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